Grimac Opale Coffee Pod Machine

Colours avaliable


This coffee pod machines is designed for the office market and boasts a snappy and chic design. If features a steam nozzle to prepare the perfect cappuccino. The nozzle is removable and can be replaced with the cappuccino maker. The coffee group head and the steamer are separate to allow for a quicker preparation of your cappuccino while guaranteeing excellent results. The pod-holder body equipped with controlling and adjusting means together with the heat exchanger system provides you with a consistently great cup of coffee.

  • 2-liter tank Capacity
  • 14KG/16KG with packaging
  • Dimensions: W282mmxD 374mmxH 320mm
Grimac Terry Coffee Machine

Colours avaliable


In ancient times amber was connected to the Sun God. To us, it is a way of bringing a ray of sunshine into your homes whenever you feel like a good cup of coffee. This coffee machine features a light and compact design, is very easy to use while still delivering the highest quality performances and can fulfill all the needs of the domestic market. The heat exchanger system guarantees always an excellent cup of coffee.

  • 2-liter tank Capacity
  • 7.5KG/9KG with packaging
  • Dimensions: W206mmxD 350mmxH 315mm
Grimac Nuvola Coffee Machine

Colours avaliable


Nuvola has an innovative design. It comes with the team dispensing feature for heating water, milk other beverages at any time and an automatic frothing unit.

  • 3-liter tank Capacity
  • 12KG with packaging
  • Dimensions: W230mmxD 310mmxH 350mm