Industrial Machine


The cleaning of automatic machines is important due to the fact that the machine generally will perform all the functions for you and therefore you need to ensure that the internal moving parts of the machine are not obstructed by foreign objects or any coffe build-up.

Every automatic machine will have their own procedure for cleaning which should be stringently followed so as to avoid movement blockages etc.

Most super automatic machines should have a frothing device to produce cappuccino's therefore milk build-up is very common.

Follow the procedures below to ensure proper cleaning of this device:

  1. Place end of flex plastic pipe in a cup of hot water mixed with 1/2 a teaspoon of detergent.
  2. Press the function for cappuccino's so that the detergent can be sucked up into the pipe and frother (thereby cleaning it)
  3. Repeat this cycle again but use only hot water NO DETEGENT
  4. Remove milk frother from its holder
  5. Rinse frother, assemble the frother and connect to the machine.